Cyndy Otty


Cyndy provides insight on issues affecting AT users to the WordPress community. She is available @ceotty and blogs at Gentle Wit. I asked her a few questions and she replied.

Shoe Size?

I’m a size 7. My guide dog, Uschi, wears a medium (2.5″) set of boots. ;-)


Giving a voice to the reasons why certain features should be accessible. That “human” aspect of accessibility is sometimes lost because people don’t understand why such-and-such a thing should be altered. So, I’m glad to be able to present a different view to showcase usability.

Biggest Challenge?

Well, I’m the non-technical sort so by “work” I’m mostly just bringing awareness to things. I think the most difficult aspect of that is presenting it in a way that’s understandable and doesn’t undermine the positives that are already present. There are always compromises, but that doesn’t mean that anyone should have to sacrifice a feature that works how they want.

Change Most Needed?

We really need more people involved! There’s definitely a willingness to put accessibility as a higher priority, but it’s a tall order and without more people involved in every aspect it’s just an insurmountable task. I also think there has to be some give-and-take; it can’t only be the people who are interested in accessibility that work on this, but also cooperation from the other side as well. Coding from the ground up with accessibility in mind is always the best practice, but I admit it is not easy to do.