About AccessibleJoe

Joseph Karr O’Connor lives in Santa Monica, California. When Section 508 came into effect in 1999 he began leading Accessible UX teams creating accessible web environments, first at Pasadena City College and then at California State University, Northridge

Joe has been using WordPress in support of non-profits, research, and university news since 2005. Joe contributes to Make WordPress Accessible and asks you to get involved.

Joe is working with all the amazing startups here in Santa Monica, also known as Silicon Beach. In 2012 he organized the Los Angeles Accessibility and Inclusive Design Group. The group hosts a yearly event for Global Accessibility Awareness Day. The fifth annual 2016 Global Accessibility Awareness Day event was hosted byLos Angeles Accessibility and Inclusive Design Group here in Santa Monica on May 19, 2016 together with the Solve for One Hackathon on May 21.