Accessible WordPress Content

Accessibility Summit, 2016

I will be teaching Accessible WordPress Content at Environments for Humans Accessibility Summit, on September 10, 2016, at 19:00 UTC.

Accessible Administration

There are three main parts to a WordPress site: administration, theme, and content. The WordPress developer team is continuously working with the accessibility team to make WordPress administration more accessible.

Accessibility-Ready Themes

The theme review team along with the accessibility team is working to screen themes designated accessibility-ready. When the accessibility-ready tag was first discussed one of the ideas was to name the tag “accessible” and after some thought we made it accessibility-ready because no matter how accessible the admin and theme are, if content is not added in an accessible manner then the site is not accessible.

You Are a Team Member

If you are loading content into a theme, this makes you part of the WordPress accessibility team because we can have an accessible admin and accessible themes, but we can’t have an accessible site without accessible content.

Course Content

The course content can be used by anyone adding content accessibly to a WordPress site: Accessible WordPress Content Curriculum (doc, 698kb)