WordPress is founded on the principles of an inclusive community and democratization of publishing. The development of WordPress, based on standards and best practices, offers a constantly improving environment with flexibility and choice. The WordPress community promises to always work toward creating an environment accessible to as many people as possible, inclusive of technology and ability.


The WordPress Accessibility Team uncovers accessibility issues and devises solutions to help users with disabilities. Members are volunteers with a wide range of skills and abilities, united by a desire by see WordPress become accessible to as many people as possible.

Working through the trac process we help core developers find and devise accessibility solutions, research and assess core behaviors to discover accessibility problems, assist in the theme check process with guidelines and oversight, write documentation about WordPress accessibility, and maintain contact via a weekly meeting. Regular meetings are on Mondays at 18:00 UTC. WordPress is using Slack to host meetings.


If you want to help or you want to raise an accessibility issue there are multiple ways of communicating:

Theme Accessibility

The Theme Accessibility Audit provides an optional theme review for themes submitted to the wordpress.org Theme Repository. There is a tag, accessibility-ready, associated with themes that make it through the theme check process plus the optional accessibility check process.